About StoryPunch

StoryPunch is a creative studio committed to supporting companies making a positive social impact. 

We provide communication services and custom designed tools to help you achieve your objectives. Our creative teams are flexible, responsive and agile - scaling the projects based on your unique needs.

Our aim is to produce compelling, story-centric products that you're proud of. What do we mean by story-centric? We mean connecting with your audience by humanizing the message, keeping it conversational (just say no to jargon overload), thinking outside the box, and presenting information in a concise yet imaginative way. 

Our motto: Make it fun. Make it matter.

Our Team


Kimothy Pikor
Founder / Creative Director

Kimothy has over 9 years of experience leading creative projects in healthcare, government, academic and non-profit industries. 

In 2014, Kimothy transitioned from her Sr. Communications & Marketing Consultant role in healthcare communications at a government sub-contractor company, Telligen, to start her dream studio: StoryPunch. She launched this studio as a way to offer design resources and services to companies committed to making a social impact whether that be working on healthcare improvement initiatives or providing economic opportunity for artisan jewelry-makers worldwide. She envisioned StoryPunch offering flexible, customized creative services for teams that didn't necessarily have the specialization in-house or just needed the additional support. 

Kimothy is also an illustrator and author and has partnered with clients such as Melinda Gates, GUCCI, and Reese Witherspoon’s media company HelloSunshine on various illustrated campaigns. She lives and works near Portland, Maine with her partner, Gregory, baby girl, Luca, and dog, Charlie. 

When she’s not focused on transforming healthcare through creativity, she’s exploring New England or working on her next book idea.

Katie Flamand  Marketing Director

Katie Flamand
Marketing Director

Photos by Levi Tijerina

Dani Thompson   Multimedia Producer & Journalist

Dani Thompson
Multimedia Producer & Journalist

Meg Ruggieri  Social Media Strategist

Meg Ruggieri
Social Media Strategist


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